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Thessaloniki: the town that never sleeps

The most beautiful city of Greece where every step you take offers you a journey between past and our times... with a history which counts over than 2000 years thessaloniki is gonna prove you why time stops here and why you have to visit it day and night...

Located in thermaikos gulf, the city starts its journey through time the 3rd century B.C. and made it to survive through the years... the 2000 years of her are shown by just having a walk in the town center which is a living museum where ancient greek, roman, vyzantine and modern greek civilazations meet.

From the ancient roman arch of Galerios (known as Kamara) to the famous Aristotelous place and from the most famous venue of the town the white tower to Ladadika our city is gonna make you love it day and night with it's full of life attitude which explains why the city never sleeps...

Cosmopolitan as a big European city... beautiful with its unique way and with people who are more than pleasant to host you Thessaloniki offrers you a travelling destination for everyone and every season of the year...

The only thing you have to do is to let your sences guide you in this magical journey...

by Christos Tsartsaflis

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